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Dental Teeth FX

Forget generic store-bought dentures that do not always fit or stay in place! In this intense 1-Day Saturday workshop taught by FX artist Dallas Harvey, you will learn the professional process and techniques on how to design and create your own Creature & Character Teeth FX for film, theater, Halloween.. or just for fun!

Learn how to safely take an alginate impression and casting of your teeth and gums. Create custom fitted acrylic dentures over your dental life-cast learning teeth forming and gum build-up techniques. Layer color to realistically stain and age teeth and gums.

This workshop will consist of demonstrations and HANDS-ON learning. All materials included. Be prepared to take notes.

Example uses for making acrylic teeth are: Halloween Characters, Vampires, Werewolfs, Zombies, Demons, Fantasy Creatures, Broken or Rotten Teeth, Grills, Nerd Teeth etc.


For the first time in this class, the Instructor will also be showing the class how to cast, paint and finish acrylic eyes for use in puppets, head duplicates and props. In addition, he will be talking in detail about non-wearable acrylic teeth and housing fabrication for animatronics, wearable vacuumed pieces and acrylic creature nails.

STUDENT DISCOUNT: Are you a graduate or current makeup/art school student? Contact us today at (778) 968-4776 and save 10% on all classes and workshops.

Workshop Date: October 20th, 2018

Workshop Time: 10am-8pm


Now Taking Online Enrollment


Selection of Dental Acrylic Monster & Creature Teeth Created By Instructor & Special FX Artist Dallas Harvey.