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Course Description:

The Art Of Make-Up FX class is designed for first time students and artists wanting to learn makeup FX for use on TV, Film, Cosplay, Halloween.. or just for fun!

In 3 night classes FX Artist & Instructor Dallas Harvey will teach professional make-up FX techniques and show how to use a variety of prosthetics from Foam latex to 3D transfers. Students will also be taught how to paint prosthetics, and properly apply them to an actor, followed by safety and prosthetic removal techniques. Students will then create a 3D character make-up using all the techniques learned in the class.

This course will consist of lectures, demonstrations, and lots of HANDS-ON learning. All make-up and prosthetic materials included in tuition fee. No previous experience art or make-up required. Be prepared to take notes and bring a camera to document your progress as you learn. Students will receive a certificate of course completion signed by the Instructor.

What you will learn in this class:

- How To Build A Make-Up FX Kit & Products
- Out Of Kit 2D & 3D Make-up FX
- Character & Injury Make-Up Design
- Prosthetic FX: 3D Transfers & Foam Latex
- Tip & Tricks: Advanced airbrushing and painting
- Make-up FX removal & on-set safety
- Creating a 3D Character Face Make-Up
- Building a Make-Up FX portfolio

STUDENT DISCOUNT: Are you a graduate or current makeup/art school student? Contact us today at (778) 968-4776 and save 10% on all classes and workshops.

Art Of Make-Up FX

7pm - 10pm with 10 Minute Break

Start Date 1: July 2nd

Start Date 2: August 6th

Start Date 3: September 3rd

Start Date 4: October 1st

Start Date 5: November 5th

Start Date 6: December 3rd


Now Taking Online Enrollment

Special FX Make-Up Canada Course

About The Instructor

Dallas Harvey - Instructor & FX Artist

Dallas Harvey
is a special effects artist who creates in both practical and digital FX mediums. He has over 15 years of digital concept & 3D design experience and is a special effects artist & sculptor for TV, Film & Music video productions.

He is a graduate of the 3D Computer Animation, Visual Effects and Game Design Program at Think Tank Training Centre. Dallas is also the author and instructed the Digital Make-up Design curriculum for make-up & fashion school Blanche Macdonald Centre. In 2015 he was a LEO Award nominee for "Best Make-up in a Short Drama" for Telefilm Canada sci-fi production Gord's Brother.

In addition to being key FX artist on many film productions his practical make-up, prosthetics and digital design work has been published numerous times in world-renowned Make-up Artist Magazine. Dallas is a twice published author in the "Lab Tech" section of the magazine, and has been curator of the IMATS Vancouver Make-Up Museum (2012-2014).

Most recently Dallas has been working on The Exorcist for Fox TV network puppeteering custom builds, creating realistic props, silicone body duplicates, blood rigging, dental acrylic teeth, custom sculpting fabrication and concept design.

Dallas is the founder of Vancouver FX Studio where he designs and consults on local and international TV, Film & Music Video productions.
Dallas Harvey Fx Artist